Knit With Love

Knit With Love is dedicated to providing knit or crochet items to people in need, whether they are homeless, impoverished or sick. We believe the gift of a hand-knit or crochet item provides warmth to people who may have little else, and can also be a tangible showing of love and support that will serve as an encouragement in this difficult time. Every item is donated to a person who greatly appreciates the hand-made gift. As of August 2015, we have donated over 8,000 hand knit and crochet items to people in need in thirty-nine countries. None of this would be possible without our incredible volunteers who work so hard to create beautiful items for so many people in need!


We donate knit and crochet items to people ranging in age from newborns to adults living in such a wide variety of climates that virtually any item you wish to make will be given to a person who greatly appreciates it!

Beanies/caps are one of the main items we donate. These go to homeless children and adults throughout America, cancer patients in hospitals, and very impoverished children in orphanages and hospitals abroad, among others.
Blankets are greatly appreciated by cancer patients in hospitals, impoverished babies and children abroad. Many people who have received our hand-made blankets lack adequate shelter, so these blankets provide much needed comfort and warmth!

Scarves and prayer shawls are another main item we donate. Width and length can vary to your own preference, but we prefer scarves that are at least five inches wide. Scarves and prayer shawls are greatly appreciated by homeless people in America, cancer patients in hospitals, and impoverished people abroad.

Sweaters, especially for children, are greatly appreciated by impoverished communities in cold regions. Children coming to orphanages in impoverished locations often have just the clothes on their back.

Miscellaneous items such as bags and purses, stuffed animals, socks and gloves are also greatly appreciated! When we donate to people in need in places such as African countries that are in warmer climates, they enjoy things such as bags and stuffed animals.


Knit With Love
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If you have an email address, please include this with your donation so that we can send you a confirmation letter and thank you for your donation!  If your live locally and would like to drop your items off, please contact us and we will schedule a time to meet.