Click For Babies Hat Pattern Ideas For Boys

One of my favorite parts of knitting and crocheting hats for babies is just how fast they go from yarn to finished hat! Tiny little hats, no matter how complicated a pattern you think you've chosen, will work their way off your needles in almost no time at all!

For the Click For Babies campaign, one of the concerns is making a purple hat that's "boy friendly". Many American parents assume purple is a "girl color", so making hats that have at least 50% purple on them, but still look manly enough for baby boys can feel challenging!

We've been saving baby hat patterns to Pinterest for the last few weeks as we find ones that would be perfect to use for little boys for the Click For Babies campaign - below are just a few of the ones we love and can't wait to try out!

This simple baby hat is made from cotton, but you can substitute in just about any yarn. For this campaign, make the main color purple, and then stripe in either pink or blue, and you've got a hat perfect for a boy or girl!

I love the Golden Pear hat! The perfect way to use up smaller scraps of yarn, you can use several different colors of purple for the Click Campaign, and add in a "masculine" color like grey, navy, or hunter green to ensure you've got some boy-friendly hats to donate!

This fun Striped Baby Hat feels like the perfect way to add in a bunch of fun colors to a hat, with little technical knitting skill needed! This hat is knit side to side, not in the round, and with no decreases the only stitches you need to know are Knit and Purl! Make the main body of this hat dark purple, and stripe in some grey, orange, and bright blue to give this hat a few boy touches!

There's a bunch more "boy-friendly" hat patterns on our Click For Babies Pinterest board, so definitely head there and take a peek if you're stuck for boy hats.