Operation Ear Warmers

Operation Ear Warmers, recently started by a reader named Linda, distributes knitted, crocheted, and sewn ear warmers to homeless shelters in the Detroit area.

Since a large number of homeless are out in cold temperatures for approximately 8-10 hours, some more because they sleep outside, ear warmers are needed to help prevent the ears from a growth called exostosis also known as surfer's ear that can form in the ear canal (it's not limited to sports enthusiast), meaning the ears do not have to be submerged in water, but anyone can be affected who is out in the cold wind and rain for extended periods.  Exostosis is an abnormal formation of boney lumps that grow and causes a blockage in the ear canal , the blockage is how the body protects itself.  However, this growth also makes it hard for the ear to drain, water, dirt and ear wax, which means, it can't clean itself, resulting in infections, ear aches, and hearings loss if it goes untreated, unfortunately the only treatment for exostosis is surgery.


Operation Ear Warmers is in desperate need of ear warmers to keep the area homeless shelters stocked up for the cold months! Please remember the following:

  • Ear warmers should be made from acrylic yarn whenever possible. When homeless folks have the opportunity to wash/dry their belongings, everything goes into a washing machine!
  • Please use patterns that DO NOT have holes, unless you are backing your item with a solid piece of fabric.

It is requested that you visit their How You Can Help page to download their tags, and attach them to each ear warmer you make!


Operation Ear Warmers
P.O. Box 564
Southfield, MI48037