Binky Patrol

Binky Patrol is an all-volunteer, national, non-profit organization making and distributing homemade blankets to children born HIV+, drug-addicted, infected with AIDS or other chronic & terminal illnesses, those who are abused, in foster care or experiencing trauma of any kind.

Our recipients are from 0-18.

Economic demographics, race, social status play no role in the decision of who gets binkies.  We simply check our local area shelters, hospitals, emergency foster care and other agencies to see who has the need we can help fill.

We encourage our chapters to build local community by seeking the "invisible kids" near them.  Those who have been forgotten, not been seen, not heard are the ones we seek to comfort.  Children and teens may experience trauma when a parent or sibling is ill or has passed away.  These children need binkies too - not just the ones in the hospital.  They need a gift - a reminder - that they, too are loved and thought of by someone who cares.


Binkies can be knitted, crochet, sewn, or tied fleece blankets. Sizes range from 3x3 to twin bed size, with occasional requests for 2x2 blankets perfect for preemies and strollers. Any pattern and color can be used!


Please use the website to find a Binkie Patrol group near your home, so your blankets can be donated locally! If you don't see a local chapter, binkies can be sent to the national headquarters, and will be distributed from there.

Susan Finch, Founder
PO Box 652
Beaverton, OR 97005