Sliver Knit-Along: Choosing Your Yarn

All this week, we'll be knitting Sliver together - are you as excited as I am!?!? You'll want to have your needles ready to go, and don't forget about the coupon code Jen offered up to us, so you can grab the pattern for free!

Sliver calls for Wool And The Gang's Crazy Sexy Wool, which is a super soft and squishy super bulky wool that I want to rub on my face whenever I come near it. If you've got some in your stash, or your local yarn shop sells WATG, I say use this yarn. I always love using the yarn the pattern calls for as much as I can, because every yarn knits up a bit differently, and the pattern was written with this specific yarn in mind.


We all have different budgets, and different stashes. We all live in different types of cities and towns, with different access to yarn options. So if you aren't going to use Wool And The Gang for your Sliver hats (which is TOTALLY FINE), here's a few options for you to consider!

Always a fun choice for super bulky patterns, Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick N Quick is a staple in many knitter's stashes. You can find this yarn at almost any big box craft store (Michael's, Jo Ann, Hobby Lobby, etc), it is washable, and it wears incredibly well.

For those who don't want to use wool - allergies, you want the hat to be fully washer/dryer safe, etc - Red Heart Grande is another great suggestion. Also available in big box craft stores, you can be sure you can donate your hats to hospitals and homeless shelters when you use 100% acrylic like this!

Something to remember when choosing your super bulky yarn is that all super bulky yarns behave a bit differently. For whatever reason, there's a HUGE variety when it comes to this yarn weight - I've found yarns that call for size 11 or 13 needles that call themselves super bulky, sitting right next to super bulky yarns that call for size 17 needles!

You'll want to keep in mind you want a yarn that calls for size 13 or 15 needles, so your hat won't end up super tightly knit and stiff. You want your Sliver to have a little bit of drape to it, and the yarns listed above all have made some great looking Slivers!

So grab your yarn, and cast on! We'll be chatting one of the more fun features of this hat pattern on Wednesday - the dropped stitches!!!